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Device Firmware

Click below to download firmware and release notes.
Starting from v1.2.14 Piksi Multi firmware works both on Piksi Multi and on Duro.
Firmware v2.1.21 is the first release compatible with Duro Inertial.

Version Release Date Firmware Binary Release Notes Notes
2.3.19 2019-08-27 PiksiMulti-v2.3.19 ReleaseNotes-v2.3.19 Correction for GLONASS reception
2.3.17 2019-06-13 PiksiMulti-v2.3.17 ReleaseNotes-v2.3.17 Navigation performance improvements
2.2.17 2019-02-07 PiksiMulti-v2.2.17 ReleaseNotes-v2.2.17 RTCMv3 corrections output added
2.1.21 2018-12-03 PiksiMulti-v2.1.21 ReleaseNotes-v2.1.21 Initial release of Duro Inertial
2.1.14 2018-10-12 PiksiMulti-v2.1.14 ReleaseNotes-v2.1.14 SBAS and stability improvements
If upgrading from a firmware below v2.0.0 to a firmware greater than v2.0.0, you must upgrade to v2.0.0 first.
2.0.0 2018-08-21 PiksiMulti-v2.0.0 ReleaseNotes-v2.0.0 BeiDou B1/B2 and Galileo E1/E5b support
1.5.14 2018-06-06 PiksiMulti-v1.5.14 ReleaseNotes-v1.5.14 Fix for NTRIP
1.5.12 2018-05-07 PiksiMulti-v1.5.12 ReleaseNotes-v1.5.12 SBAS support
1.4.10 2018-03-13 PiksiMulti-v1.4.10 ReleaseNotes-v1.4.10 Full GLONASS support, enhanced NTRIP client
1.3.11 2018-03-07 PiksiMulti-v1.3.11 ReleaseNotes-v1.3.11 Fix for March 7, 2018 L2C anomaly
1.3.10 2017-12-21 PiksiMulti-v1.3.10 ReleaseNotes-v1.3.10  
1.2.14 2017-10-26 PiksiMulti-v1.2.14 ReleaseNotes-v1.2.14 Initial GLONASS support, initial Duro firmware
1.1.27 2017-05-17 PiksiMulti-v1.1.27 ReleaseNotes-v1.1.27  
1.0.11 2017-02-06 PiksiMulti-v1.0.11 ReleaseNotes-v1.0.11 Initial Piksi Multi release

Use the USB drive and Swift Console to program your Piksi Multi receiver with the new firmware. Use Ethernet interface to upgrade Duro and Duro Inertial. Read Firmware Upgrading Instructions before proceeding. Instructions are also displayed on Firmware Update tab in the Swift Console.

Firmware settings manuals are posted on Piksi Multi Specifications page.

Older firmware versions: binaries, release notes.
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019 08:59PM PDT
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