Duro™ is a ruggedized, high-performance and low-cost GNSS receiver with Real Time Kinematics (RTK) technology for a centimeter-level positioning accuracy. GNSS multi-band and multi-constellation support enable Duro to offer fast RTK convergence times and high position availability.

Duro GNSS Receiver

Built to be tough, Duro is ideal for mining, agricultural, robotics, maritime and industrial outdoor applications. Duro is designed for integration into or mounting on top of existing equipment. With its cast aluminum housing, this easy-to-deploy GNSS sensor is protected against weather, moisture, vibration, dust, water immersion and the unexpected that can occur in long-term outdoor deployments.

Duro uses Piksi® Multi RTK GNSS receiver module. 

Integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU) and magnetometer enable sensor fusion techniques. 

Duro Product Summary

Duro User Manual

Duro Troubleshooting Guide

3D CAD Model

Duro Firmware and Release Notes

Software Settings Manuals

Firmware Version
Settings Manual
Settings v3.0.17
v3.0.11, v3.0.14
Settings v3.0.11
v2.4.15, v2.4.16, v2.4.20, v2.4.21Settings v2.4.15
Settings v2.3.17
Settings v2.2.17
Settings v2.1.14
Settings v2.0.0
Settings v1.5.12
Settings v1.4.10
Settings v1.3.10


Swift Binary Protocol (SBP) Messages

By default Duro uses SBP protocol on all data ports. SBP Specification

NMEA Protocol

Duro can output NMEA 0183 messages on UART and Ethernet ports. NMEA Specification

RTCM v3 Protocol

Duro accepts RTK corrections in RTCM v3.1 and v3.2 format. RTCM v3 input details.

Duro can also output RTK corrections in RTCM v3.1 and v3.2 format. RTCM v3 Output Details.

NTRIP Client

Duro has a built-in NTRIP client for easy corrections reception from Internet. NTRIP Client Setup

Firmware Updates

Duro firmware can be upgraded over Ethernet and serial interfaces. Duro uses the same Firmware images as Piksi Multi. Firmware is available here for download.

Swift Console

Use Swift Console program to setup and monitor Duro operation.

RINEX Converter and Data Post-processing

Duro supports raw GNSS data post-processing. sbp2rinex converter