The Duro™ Starter Kit is shipped in one package with the following content:

  • Duro receiver box
  • GNSS antenna box
  • Power supply, cables and accessories box

Duro Starter Kit Contents


GNSS Antenna

One mini-survey GNSS antenna is included in the kit. See Mini-Survey GNSS Antenna article for details.


Cable Assemblies

Six cables are included in the kit. Download cable design files.

  • Power cable (M12 to 5.5/2.1 mm barrel jack connector)
  • Cigarette Lighter to barrel jack plug cable adapter
  • Ethernet cable (M12 to RJ45 plug)
  • RS232 serial cable (M12 to DE9 female)
  • AUX Y-cable (M12 to DE9 female and DB15 female)
  • Ground cable