This article presents an example of Piksi® Multi installation in the vehicle.

Vehicle Setup

For the best performance and repeatable results, GNSS system should be securely installed in the vehicle. Antennas, receivers, network router, cellular modem should be mounted securely to provide best signal reception and protect the system from accidental damage. It is important to firmly attach all system components to the vehicle to avoid injury in case of an accident or a rapid maneuver.

Antenna Setup Example

For the best performance GNSS antenna should be mounted on the top of the car’s roof where it is not obstructed by any other device. The picture below shows the antenna roof rack used by Swift Navigation on their test vehicle.

Setup description:

  1. Roof rack
  2. Metal plates
  3. GNSS antenna
  4. Cellular antenna

Piksi Multi Setup Example

The picture below shows Piksi Multi test setup used by Swift Navigation in their test vehicle.

Setup description:

  1. 19” portable rack case
  2. Control and data collection laptop
  3. Upper tray with Piksi Multi receivers and RF splitter
  4. Lower tray with battery backup and charger, cellular modem and network router
  5. Vehicle straps