The purpose of this article is to provide a quick guidance on how to configure Multitech MTE-Series cell modem to connect it to a Swift Navigation Device and get corrections from Skylark or a third party RTK correction service.

Fig 1. Multitech Cell Modem MTE-LAT2-B07


Ensure device is powered properly to the voltage level suggested by the manufacturer.

Note: the modem uses barrel jack 2.5 by 5.5 mm for power input. If used with Piksi Multi or Duro power supplies (2.1 by 5.5 mm barrel jack) use this barrel jack adapter or equivalent.

Cell Modem Setup Steps

Before starting, check with the selected service provider :

  1. SIM card APN information, to be used later during cell modem configuration
  2. If data plan has been activated on the SIM card to be used.
  • Insert the SIM card on the SIM slot as instructed on the Multitech MTE-Series User Manual.
  • Connect your computer to the cell modem via ethernet cable and turn the device on.
  • On your computer, turn-off your wireless network and enable DHCP on the physical ethernet interface to be used.
  • Open your internet browser and type the following IP :

Note : If you are not able to establish connection with the cell modem, check your network settings on your computer.

  • You will land into the Multitech default credentials screen. Please enter the default username and password as indicated below:

Username : admin

Password : admin

  • You will be directed to the main configuration menu screen

  • In order to configure your cell-modem, go to Status >> Networking and then click on the "edit" button the "Wan Interface IPV4 Network Status" on the far right side of your screen.

  • In top section "Connection with SIM-A Card"
  1. Change Dial-up Profile from Auto-detection to Manual-detection.
  2. Change Country to the corresponding one where SIM Card has been purchased, in our case we will select the "USA".
  3. Go to "Service Provider" and select the carrier that fit the one you have purchased.Ensure the information matches with the information from your SIM and APN information. As soon as one service provider is selected, it auto populates the rest of the configuration. No further modification are needed in this section. For example, we have tested it with AT&T.
  • In lower section "3G/4G Connection Common Configuration":
  1. Go to "IP Passthrough" and deactivate the checkbox.
  2. Right after, ensure "NAT" is "Enable".

As mentioned before and for the purpose of this guide, we have selected USA as country and AT&T as service provider. The configuration for this example will look like the following image:

  • Proceed to Save the ¬†configuration. The device will reboot and you will be ready to connect it to your Swift Navigation Device via ethernet port.

Multitech MTE-Series product listing for this configuration

For technical support or questions in regards to the Multitech cell modem devices, please contact Multitech Support at https://www.multitech.com/support

Piksi Multi / Duro Basic Setup

Connect to Piksi Multi / Duro over the serial interface using Swift Console and configure Ethernet with dynamically assigned IP address:

Connect Piksi Multi / Duro Ethernet port to the Multitech cell modem. After a couple of seconds Piksi / Duro red LED should lit solid indicating active connection to the Internet.

Assigned IP address can be seen on Swift Console Advanced tab -> Networking sub-tab after pressing Refresh Network Status button:


Alternatively, a static IP address in range to can be set on Piksi Multi / Duro.

Once Piksi Multi / Duro has Internet access you may proceed to setup Skylark or NTRIP corrections source: