This article provides guidelines for proper positioning of GNSS antennas. These guidelines are primarily intended for users of the Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit.

Antenna Placement Guidelines

Position the antenna as indicated by the blue marker, at a spot with a sky view that is unobstructed above 30 degrees up from the horizon in every direction. For the best results, install the antenna on the top of a tripod (using the included threading adapter) or other stable structure.

PiksiĀ® Multi's high-precision, multi-band GNSS antenna is sensitive to its environment. Since Piksi Multi needs to track carrier phase information from GNSS satellites, it is much more sensitive to obstructions than standard consumer GNSS receivers found in, for example, smartphones. Thus, the Piksi Multi antenna must be kept away from any obstructions to its sky view.

  • Do place the antenna on a tripod
  • Do not test inside a building
  • Do not place the antenna near buildings
  • Do not place the antenna near trees and other cover
  • Do not stand near the antenna or put your hand over the antenna during testing
  • Do not place an open laptop near the antenna so that the laptop itself is blocking the sky view

For Additional Information

To continue working with the Piksi Multi, return to the Piksi Multi Getting Started Guide.