The Robotic Operating System (ROS) is a set of open-source software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. ROS uses a publish/subscribe model for data exchange. By installing a compatible driver, Swift Navigation devices can be used within ROS to obtain sensor data such as position, orientation, velocity or time.

Swift Navigation ROS 2 Driver

ROS 2 driver for Swift Navigation's GNSS/INS receivers and Starling Positioning Engine software is published on GitHub repository at

Driver Features:

  • Designed for ROS 2 Humble but also works with ROS 2 Foxy
  • Developed and tested on Ubuntu 22.04 (ROS 2 Humble) and Ubuntu 20.04 (ROS 2 Foxy) platforms
  • Supports Swift Navigation receivers and Starling Positioning Engine in Swift Binary Protocol (SBP)
  • TCP Client and Serial communication interfaces
  • SBP file playback
  • SBP data logging
  • Publishes ROS 2 standard and Swift Navigation proprietary topics
  • Configurable time stamping
  • Written in C++

Refer to GitHub repository for driver installation and usage details.

Third-Party Drivers

Multiple ROS drivers for Swift Navigation devices can be also found on the Internet. Examples:

Note: For the third-party ROS driver related questions and support please contact their authors/developers directly.