The purpose of this article is to present to our customers an additional feature on the Swift Console, the Spectrum Analyzer.


The Spectrum Analyzer servers to measure the magnitude of input signal versus frequencies within the full frequency range. The X-axis of the spectrum analyzer is frequency measured in MHz and the Y-axis is power measured in decibels. There are four channels for different frequency ranges.

Using Spectrum Analyzer

Using the Swift Console, connect to the Swift Device via Ethernet or serial interface :

  • Open the settings tab and check the Show Advanced Settings to view
  • Then scroll down the settings to the System Monitor option
  • Click on Spectrum Analyzer and select True option from the drop down menu        

  • Click on the Advanced tab to view the Spectrum Analyzer
  • Click on the Spectrum Analyzer tab to view the graph        

Four different channels are available. Use the Channel Selection option to select the channel from the drop down menu. The frequency ranges are in the table below.

The bus traffic significantly increases when this feature is turned on. It is recommended to turn off Spectrum Analyzer during normal operation.