Skylark Cx and Skylark Nx RTK

Skylark Cx is the original Swift corrections service, providing consistent continent-wide accuracy. It offers corrections in a variety of formats: SSR (~3.5 Kbps), Swift’s proprietary OSR (~7.5 Kbps), and MSM4/MSM5 formats (~5 Kbps). Skylark Cx is the service for automotive and any other industries requiring consistent, continent-wide performance. The original Skylark Cx is the only one that provides integrity information in the corrections stream. It is also the only service that provides the option of digitally signing corrections to provide assurances to clients that the corrections have not been tampered with, and that they originated from Swift. Market segments that primarily use Skylark Cx include (but are not limited to) automotive and vehicles for which the PE is predominately Starling.


Skylark Nx RTK improves on the Skylark Cx corrections accuracy and provides an uncombined integer fixed RTK solution to deliver centimeter-level accuracy. RTK utilizes the existing Skylark reference station network and operates in much the same way as a traditional network RTK solution. Skylark Nx RTK supports most major brand GNSS RTK receivers including support for L1/L2 and L1/L5 frequencies, and both legacy RTCM 3.1 and modern MSM5 correction formats. Skylark Nx RTK is ideal for customers who want an integer fixed RTK solution and the highest level of accuracy while operating in defined geographical areas. Market segments that primarily use RTK include (but not limited to) lawn mowers and slow moving robots where the PE is a mix of Starling and third parties.

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