Swift Navigation has worked with numerous receivers while developing and perfecting Skylark RTK. In this article we present instruction manuals for the most popular receivers that customers will use with Skylark RTK. Beneath those links is a general procedure for receiver configuration featuring Piksi Multi/Duro in conjunction with the Swift Console.

Specific Receiver Configuration Instructions

Download a PDF of any Receiver Configuration instructions from the list below.

Configuring Your Receiver to Work with Skylark RTK

General Setup Process

If your receiver isn’t addressed in the list above, the general process for configuring your rover to operate with Skylark RTK Corrections include the following steps:

  • Access the GPS setup screen
  • Set the correction source as RTK
  • Enter all the NTRIP details for Skylark RTK operation including:
    • End Point/Server/NTRIP Address:  na.l1l2.skylark.swiftnav.com
    • NTRIP Port:  2101
    • NTRIP Mount Point/Corrections Format:  RTK-MSM5 or RTK-RTCM31 depending on the device
    • Username and Password provided by Swift Navigation when you began your Skylark RTK service.

NTRIP settings example shown in the Swift Console:

Note: For the best results with Skylark RTK on Piksi Multi and Duro receivers use the latest firmware v3.0.17 and set the min_modelled_baseline_len_km parameter in the solution settings group to 50 km.



    Skylark uses ITRF2014 reference frame.

Configuration Examples

The NTRIP client that your rover uses may require you to enter different credential elements in different ways.  Examples are provided in the subsections below for clarification.

Example 1: Entering Individual Elements

This scenario is common when a graphical interface is available to configure the NTRIP client.  When possible, each of the elements required are entered individually, including:

  • Username
  • Password
  • End point
  • Port
  • Mount point  

Example 2: Total URL

Some NTRIP clients require you to enter the complete URL.  This is common with NTRIP clients with a basic interface requiring command line entry.  A complete URL looks similar to this: 


Example 3: Username and Password as Part of the URL

In some cases, an NTRIP client requires you to include your username and password as part of the total NTRIP URL.  This is common with NTRIP clients with a basic interface requiring command line entry.   A complete URL including username and password looks similar to this: 


Configuration Information for Skylark Operation

This guide provides an overview of how to connect and configure Swift Navigation and third-party devices for Skylark and acquire precise position solutions, including examples of a Piksi Multi/Duro configuration and operation check.

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions, the Skylark/Skylark RTK FAQ may be a big help.

Otherwise, you can return to the Skylark RTK Article Directory for additional related articles.