This document explains how to get started with Skylark Dx DGNSS corrections with Telit SE868SY-D Evaluation Kit.


  • Telit SE868SY-D Evaluation Kit
  • Firmware Version: V50_130_N115_0104 or newer *
  • TelitView Software version 2.5.0_B05 or newer (runs on Windows) *
  • Skylark Account (If you do not already have a Skylark Account, go to Skylark Portal and sign up, or contact Swift Sales.)

*  Free Telit DownloadZone account is required to download files

Step 1: Physical Connections

  1. Connect the EVK to a Windows PC using mini-USB cable
  2. Connect to an antenna placed in open sky on the GNSS-ANT connector
  3. Ensure the Antenna jumper ANT_ON is in place if using an active antenna. The jumper manages the power supply to the antenna SMA connector.
  4. Turn the ON/OFF switch to start the board.
  5. Download and install the TelitView Software from the Telit Download Zone.
  6. Open the TelitView program and connect the receiver.
    • Click the ‘Connect’ button and set the Baud Rate to 115200
    • Click Change next to Telit Module. 
    • In the new window, select SE868SY-D module from the list and click OK.

NOTE: When starting the TelitView Application, correctly specify the model of the receiver being connected to see some of the menu items like Firmware update and NTRIP tool.

Step 2: Firmware Update

  1. Once the board is connected and the COM Port is known, open TelitView software.
  2. Only if the board is connected, the Firmware update option will be available under Tools menu.
  3. Open the Firmware manager window
    • Baud rate - 115200
    • File - V50_130_N115_0104.bin
  4. Click ‘Update Firmware Version’
  5. Press the RESET button on the board
  6. There will be a pop-up when the operation is successful.
  7. Power-cycle the board

Step 3: Enable DGNSS

  1. On TelitView menu Views > NMEA Monitorwindow, send the below command to enable DGNSS function.

NOTE: This setting is not memorized on the module and therefore it's required to send this command every time after device power up or reset.

Step 4: Connect to Skylark

  1. Note the receivers COM Port in the computer’s Device Manager
  2. Open TelitView Software and connect to the correct receiver.
  3. Go to Tool > High-Precision Panel > RTK/DGNSS. This will open the RTK/DGNSS window. 
  4. On this window select appropriate COM Port and set Baud rate to 115200
  5. Ensure the antenna is connected and receiver is computing an autonomous position.
  6. Click on the NTRIP Radio button to open the NTRIP Client Window.
  7. Enter the NTRIP Client details in the Caster Settings window
    1. Enter Address: 
      • North America: 
      • Europe:
      • Asia/Pacific:
    2. Port: 2101
    3. Username/Password as provided while creating Skylark account
    4. Click ‘Get Mount’ to update the list of available mount points
    5. Select Mountpoint from the list - DX-MSM1
  8. Select GGA Position and set Sending Period to 1 second
  9. Click OK.
  10. On the RTK/DGNSS Window, click START button. You will see messages in the status section indicating that corrections are being received.
  11. To validate that the receiver is in DGNSS mode, Open the Navigation Status window and look for the Pos Type.

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