The purpose of this article is to provide a quick guidance to establish Internet connection to Swift Navigation devices. Along with that, we provide a list of cell modems that can be used with our devices.


The following diagram provides a high level understanding on the interconnections needed for the Swift Navigation device in order to achieve absolute position.

  • Swift Navigation GNSS Device: Device used by customer to integrate with their application.
  • Computer: Device used for the configuration of Swift Navigation Device, Ethernet switch/router or cell modem.
  • Power Management: arrangement of hardware that provides proper power level to each device on customer’s system architecture.
  • Skylark or Third Party RTK Correction Service: RTK Service that provides corrections to Swift Navigation Device over Internet.
  • Network: Set of components in charge to provide internet access to all system devices
    • Cell Modem:  In charge of provide internet access directly to a Swift Navigation Device or a Ethernet switch/router.
    • Ethernet switch/router: Component that provides internet access to multiple devices (wired or wireless).

Cell Modem

An advantage of using external cell modems is that customers have the freedom to choose between different service provider companies and cell modem type that can easily accommodate or integrate  to their systems.

The following list contains cell modems that have been tested to work with Swift Navigation Devices: