USB Drivers for Piksi Multi

Piksi Multi can be connected to a host computer via the USB device pins. This connectivity can be accessed using the micro USB port of the Piksi Multi Evaluation Board. Windows drivers can be downloaded below. Mac OS and Linux have proper USB driver already built-in.


USB Drivers for RS232 Adapter Cable

Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit includes USB-RS232 adapter cable for radio programming and Piksi Multi communication. Use FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver with that adapter cable. 


USB Drivers for Piksi v2 and Piksi Space

Use FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver with Piksi and Piksi Space.

  • Windows (computer restart might be required after driver installation)
  • macOS
  • Linux - recent versions of Linux (kernel > 3.0) have built-in native kernel support for the FTDI devices