Reset via the Swift Console or serial communication

If you can still communicate with your device, it is possible to reset your Swift Device to default settings via the Swift Console. To do so, navigate to the Settings tab and press the “Reset to Defaults” button.


When the button is pressed, the device resets Piksi and removes “/persistent/config.ini” file mounted in the Linux partition that stores the non-volatile settings configuration.  If you are connected over the micro-USB or Ethernet interfaces, it might be necessary to close and reopen your console in order to connect to your Swift device again because Piksi will turn off and back on again.

Reset through the USB Flash drive

In the course of development and testing, it is sometimes possible to change the communication settings on your Swift Navigation device such that you cannot communicate with it anymore.  If this happens, it is still possible to reset your Piksi or Duro to the default settings through the host board and a USB Flash drive.  Please follow the steps below in order to reset your device.

  • Create a file named reset2defaults.txt on the USB Flash drive
    • The file does not need to have any contents
    • On a UNIX/Linux system, you can simply use the touch command
      • touch reset2defaults.txt
    • Make sure there is no firmware image on the Flash drive you use (PiksiMulti-XXX.bin)
  • Plug this USB Flash drive into your Piksi’s evaluation board
  • Reset the receiver.  With the Piksi this may be achieved by pressing the RST button located near RS232-0 port.
  • Your device will reboot itself having reset to the default settings. Reboot takes about 15 seconds.
  • Remove USB drive from the evaluation board
  • The reset2defaults.txt file will no longer exist on the flash drive indicating that the reset was successful