This article describes details of making support requests.

Requesting Support

Support requests can be made by filling the Support Request Form on the Swift Navigation support page (Support Request Form button is at the bottom of the page). A simple login is required to confirm your email address. If you have an account already click LOGIN / SIGN UP button to log in. If you do not have an account yet also click LOGIN / SIGN UP button, then select SIGN UP WITH US button and fill out the form. After registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link in the email to enter password and activate your new account.

After login you’ll be able to create Support Requests and review your earlier requests.

Requesting Technical Support

Request Technical Support for any Swift product technical questions or issues.

Please review the Support Portal for documentation and FAQ before sending a request. The answer to your question might be there already!

For each Technical Support provide the product issue is related to, subject, software version (GNSS receiver and Swift Console) and a detailed description of your request or issue observed.

If the request is related to the GNSS / RTK / Inertial performance include following information:

  • Your test setup diagram. Pictures and photos are very helpful. That should include GNSS and radio antenna locations, Piksi/Duro/PGM receiver and radio installation, power source and logging method. For base and rover.
  • Test area photos (4 photos in each cardinal direction).
  • Test scenario and steps performed.
  • Swift Binary Protocol (SBP) log (binary file or JSON log from a Swift Console). The log file should contain all SBP messages receiver outputs by default.
  • Any additional information about the setup, environment and test conditions that may affect expected results (nearby radio towers, sky view obstructions, excessive vibrations, etc.)

Please compress (ZIP) files before sending.

Providing detailed and complete information in the request is essential for our quick and correct analysis.