Issue Symptoms: No RTK fixed solution for a few days after March 7th 2018 while system worked before that date, just a few GPS L1 observations present and no any L2C observations, tracking GPS L1 and L2 signals normally.

Affected Products: Piksi Multi and Duro 

Affected Firmware Version: 1.3.10 and older

If you experienced RTK fix solution problems for a few days on and after March 7th, 2018 it might be due to the inconsistent health information transmitted by the GPS satellites.

On March 7th 2018 at around 5 AM Pacific Time (1 PM GMT) the GPS satellites started transmitting inconsistent health information causing Swift Navigation receivers to exclude measurements from any satellites supporting the L2C signal. This has resulted in degraded or unavailable position information and decreased ability to achieve an RTK Fixed solution.

We have released a hot-fix firmware, v1.3.11 that incorporates a work-around for the issue while the USCG Navigation Center works to resolve the underlying cause.

New firmware and upgrade instructions are posted here. Both base and rover devices need to be upgraded.