The USB to Serial Adapter from the Piksi® Multi Evaluation Kit can be used to communicate with Piksi Multi via the RS2323 ports on the Evaluation Board.

Running the Swift Console on a virtual machine (e.g. VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels) is strongly discouraged. This is due to imperfections in the USB pass-through functionality, which can lead to symptoms such as freezing during firmware updates and glitches in regular operation.

Ensure that the Piksi Multi GNSS module is connected to the evaluation board. Be careful when mating Piksi Multi to the evaluation board!  Careless mating of the connectors can damage Piksi Multi and / or the evaluation board. When removing Piksi Multi from the evaluation board, make sure to lift it straight up.


USB to Serial Driver Installation Guide

Installing Swift Console

Powering Piksi Multi


  • Connect the USB connector of the USB to Serial Adapter to the computer
  • Connect the DE9 connector of the USB to Serial Adapter to the RS232 1 port of the Evaluation Board
  • Connect a power source to the Evaluation Board
  • Start Swift Console
  • Select the Serial/USB interface
  • Select serial port from the drop-down menu
  • Select the connection baud rate (default: 115200)
  • Select Flow Control (default is None) and click OK

Once Piksi Multi is connected, and Swift Console is running - verify that the data is flowing properly by checking the status indicator located on the bottom right corner of the Console. If this indicator is solid blue, then communications are working as expected.




Wiring Diagram