The Swift Navigation Precision GNSS/INS module (PGM) enables low-cost precision navigation in the toughest environments with Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) positioning and inertial sensors in the industry standard “Full” Mini PCI Express module form factor. It is ideally suited as a sensor add-on to embedded computing platforms with mini PCIe expansion slots for applications that require precision position or timing features such as automotive, robotics, high precision data collection, video/sensor position, and time-tagging. 


The card is designed specifically for the Swift Navigation’s Starling Positioning Engine on a host application processor for real-time precision navigation with dual frequency L1/L5 carrier phase differential GNSS (RTK) and inertial / odometer sensor fusion.

PGM Top and Bottom Views

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PGM Product Summary

PGM Data Sheet

PGM User Manual

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