The PGM Evaluation Kit - featuring Swift’s mPCIe format PGM receiver installed in an IoT computer platform - provides a turn-key demonstration of Swift’s precision positioning solution. The PGM provides real-time precision GNSS and IMU measurements, and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling® positioning engine running on a host application processor. When used with Swift’s Skylark™ cloud-based precise corrections service, the PGM Evaluation Platform (PGM EVP) delivers even stronger performance and higher accuracy levels. 


The Evaluation Kit is ideal for customers building industrial, last mile and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that require the ability to quickly install on a target platform and test performance in the field.


The PGM Evaluation Kit includes everything needed to install this GNSS system in your application and quickly get started with precise RTK positioning. It also comes with a 6-month Skylark trial.


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