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Software Installer: pgm-evp-onlogic-files-v1.4.0

Starling Release Notes: Starling 1.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-06-28

Software updating instructions are provided in the PGM Evaluation Kit User Manual in Appendix A.


  • Starting from version 1.4 Starling program requires license activation to operate. PGM Evaluation Kits shipped after June 2021 already have the license activated. Older units require license activation after upgrading to Starling v1.4. Refer to Appendix B in the PGM Evaluation Kit User Manual for detailed license activation instructions.
  • By default, software v1.4.0 supports only Skylark corrections.

Older software versions: installers, release notes. Support for older versions is limited. Use the latest software version for the best GNSS/INS performance.