This guide is intended for Skylark Portal users and provides an overview of how to create an account, manage subscriptions, configure devices and obtain credentials to connect with Skylark. 

Skylark is a wide-area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers real-time high-precision positioning to autonomous vehicles. The Skylark Portal is an online platform that can be used to purchase and manage Skylark subscriptions. 

New Account Creation

To create a new account complete and submit the registration form at account.swiftnav.com/sign-up. Upon account creation you'll need to verify your email address before logging into the Portal. 


A subscription is created to manage your Skylark usage and plan payments. When creating a new subscription, a plan needs to be selected (currently, only one Standard plan is available for US and European customers). 

One subscription can be used for multiple devices (GNSS RTK receivers). Each device will have a set of unique NTRIP client credentials. Adjust required number of devices for your subscription using the + and - buttons. Select billing cycle to monthly or yearly (best value). 

Once the desired number of devices and billing cycle are selected, click CONFIRM SELECTION button to proceed to the Checkout page.

If a promo code is available, it can be entered in the PROMO CODE section. After entering the promo code, click APPLY PROMO CODE  button to validate the code. Currently, promo codes can only be used with monthly subscriptions. 

The secure checkout accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. Enter credit card information and click PLACE YOUR ORDER to purchase your subscription. If the payment is successful, the subscription will appear on the Portal and a receipt will be sent to the account email. 

The Subscriptions page on the Portal shows all active subscriptions along with the device usage, next billing date and billing amount. 

Changes to the subscription name, number of devices and billing cycle can be made using the drop down menu available by clicking the Grey Arrow button on the left of the subscription. 


The Device tab on the portal enables users to create and manage devices. A device can only be created once an active subscription is present in the account. A device needs be created to obtain NTRIP credentials. 

Click ADD DEVICE button to create a new device. 

Each new device must be assigned an active subscription, an NTRIP username prefix, and a description. Use ENABLED button to turn ON/OFF that device's access to Skylark. The maximum number of enabled devices cannot exceed the number of devices registered in that subscription. 

Once the device is created, click the VIEW button to setup NTRIP password.

Click NEW button to generate a new password for the device.

Once the new password is generated, it will be displayed on the screen. 

Click grey COPY button to copy password to your clipboard, write it down or click EMAIL ME MY CREDENTIALS button to receive an email. 

NOTE: Once the pop-up window is closed, the password will not appear again and a new password would need to be generated if credentials are lost.

All available NTRIP URLs, Ports and Mountpoints can be viewed using the drop down selections available by clicking the Grey Down Arrow button on the left of each parameter. More information about NTRIP parameters can be found in the Receiver Configuration for Skylark Operation article. 

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