Welcome to the Getting Started Guide for the Swift Navigation Piksi® Multi RTK GNSS Receiver! This guide is intended for first time Piksi Multi users and provides an overview of how to install the required software, connect to and configure Piksi Multi, and acquire position solutions.

Each step of the Getting Starting Guide can be found as an individual Knowledge Base article within the Swift Navigation Support Portal. Following the order outlined below, complete the steps outlined in the linked articles below.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to acquire a fixed RTK solution using two Piksi Multi receivers. The steps in this guide should take you about two hours in total, and the last two steps need to be performed outdoors.



1 - Installing Swift Console

2 - Installing USB to Serial Adapter Drivers

3 - Powering Piksi Multi

4 - Connecting to Piksi Multi - USB to Serial Adapter

5 - Using Simulation Mode

6 - FreeWave Radio Basic Configuration

7 - Upgrading Firmware

8 - GNSS Antenna Placement Guidelines

9 - Piksi Multi - Standalone GNSS Position

10 - Piksi Multi - GNSS RTK Position with Stationary Base

For more information about product, settings and tools please visit our Support Portal (support.swiftnav.com).